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We are non-denominational Women Intercessors for the Church and Nations,  inaugurated in Rep. of Ireland on 25th June 2011.

About Us


 We are Wailing Women Worldwide, Rep. of Ireland Chapter. We are a group of Women Intercessors for the Church and Nations. This move was inaugurated` in Rep. of Ireland on the 25th June 2011. A time when this Nation was in deep recession and the peoples’ spiritual state quite alarming. We have since been working behind the scene in intercession for this Nation, Church and families, and have witnessed answers to prayers and ceaseless travails 


 One major purpose for the existence of the wailing women worldwide is to reach across denominations and unite the body of Christ, by gathering women who have the burden for intercession to bring wailing unto the God of heaven for mercy according to Jeremiah 9:17-20. Thereby encouraging unification of the body of Christ, especially in a time as this in this Nation and worldwide. When we stand in unity and decree according to the will of God, TELL ME WHO HAS THE POWER TO OPPOSE? 

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 Recently the Lord mandated us to intensify the battle across all the counties in Ireland.  We believe there are intercessors in every church who could join us in crying out to God in every corner of our nation.

Are you willing and ready to join the Lord's army?


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We meet weekly to pray on skype or phone

We have members in Dublin , Cork , Portloise, Newbridge

Skype : Katobj

Wailing Women Ireland

Contact us in Dublin on 0872101423 or in Cork on 0899537807, Portloise on 0872228771

Email : wailingwomenireland@gmail.com

Prayer times

Monday morning Cork prayers 5.30am-6.30am

Tuesdays 9.30pm-11.00pm   

Thursday morning : Dublin prayers 6am-7am

Friday morning : Portloise/Newbridge prayers 5am-6am 

Monthly meeting : 3rd Saturday in each month